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Welcome to the Condominiums of Springbrook Homeowners’ Association web site. We are a community of people whose purpose is to create and maintain a safe, friendly, attractive and fiscally responsible neighborhood in which to live. In order to do that, we have a volunteer board and committee structure that addresses various needs of a condominium community. Numerous volunteers serve in these groups to enhance the quality of living in our neighborhood.

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Springbrook Homeowner’s Association
P.O. Box  15021 Loves Park, IL. 61132   

Benefits of the Springbrook Homeowners Association

What do the dues cover?

Monthly dues cover the normal year to year activities and needs of caring for our homes.

  1. Lawn service: Weekly mowing, yearly fertilizing, weed control, trimming, mulching, pruning, reseeding as necessary, grub control, treatment of ash trees against ash borers, raking leaves, and disposal of leaves, grass and limb debris. (All other landscaping costs are the responsibility of the unit owner. All changes must be approved; contact the Landscape and Grounds Committee before making any changes to the landscaping or grounds. The Board will not pay for any changes made without approval. Any changes made without Board approval may be changed back by the Board at the owner’s expense.)


  1. Irrigation/sprinkler systems: Yearly check and permit qualifications for irrigation systems to satisfy city regulations, set up on and off at beginning and end of watering season, repair and or re-aiming of sprinkler heads, repairs of controllers due to lightning strikes. (Contact the Landscape and Grounds Committee if you notice any problems with the system. Additional sprinkler heads may be added at the owner’s expense; contact the Landscape and Grounds Committee before requesting any changes.)

  1. Snow removal: All driveways are shoveled by hand if feasible to ensure as little snow/ice is remaining as possible. Plowing of streets (even though they are city streets) are plowed to ensure an earlier and better clearing than would a city crew. Apply snow/ice melt applications. Contract is for removal of up 36 inches of snow per season. If more than 36 inches of snow falls, the Association is charged per inch and there will be an assessment per homeowner for these additional costs. If less than 36 inches of snow falls, then a rebate will be given which will reduce other budgeted costs for the year. (The snow removal contractor determines the order of the snow removal, please do not make special requests. Contact the Landscape and Grounds Committee for any problems.)


  1. Outside home repairs: Including painting of all trim, care/replacement of problem areas of trim or chimney sidings, repairs of guttering, cement replacement of walkways when badly cracked, repair or replacement of driveways if deteriorated, resealing of driveways and painting exterior lights on a rotating schedule, repair of decks, deck stairs, mailboxes, porch posts, exterior lights, repairs for leaking or damaged roofs, repair/replacement of damaged/loose shutters, re-staining of wooden decks on a rotating basis. (All changes to buildings or anything attached to them must be approved; contact the Building and Maintenance Committee before making any changes whether you want the Association to cover the costs or you intend to pay for the changes. The Board will not pay for changes made without approval. Any changes made without Board approval may be changed back by the Board at the owner’s expense.)

  1. Miscellaneous: The Association pays taxes and maintains the five double lots at the west end of Northcliffe Lane, repairs and maintenance of the signage at the entrance from Spring Brook Road and Shaw Road. Dues also cover the insurance policy with Rockford Mutual Insurance on all common areas, taxes on the Association and any permits required for work done by the Association, legal fees, monthly electric bill, property taxes on the 5 lots owned by the Association, corporation paperwork required by Secretary of State, fees to maintain the “doing business as…”, annual POB fee, postage for mailings and contribution for meeting rooms.


Dues also help build up the RESERVE FUND of the association


The Reserve Fund is required by Illinois law. Recommendations include adding to the reserve fund each year with an amount somewhere near 24-30% of the yearly budget of the association (10% is required by resolution of the Board of Directors.)

The Reserve Fund pays for major repairs to and replacement of the major components of the common areas. Major components include the overlays/replacements of roofs, driveways, gutters,  chimney re-siding and some tree costs as they reach the end of their useful lives. In 2021, The Board of Directors authorized five driveway replacements.

Increasing dues and good stewardship of funds has grown the Reserve Fund each year. In 2016, the Board created an Assessment Plan which covers monthly and yearly assessments until the year 2052. The Board analyzes the monthly and yearly assessment every year.

Why do we need this?
The Reserve Fund is a dedicated fund for the common areas. In 2016, the Association began replacing roofs. One roof (2 units) was replaced in 2016; three roofs (6 units) were replaced in 2017. There were four (8 units) in 2018 as well as driveways and gutters. The Dues and Assessment Plan sets forth the estimated roof replacement schedule as well as the driveway replacements over the coming years. In 2020, our neighborhood suffered a severe hail storm. The resulting roof damage from hail resulted in an insurance settlement which covered roof replacement of all our 27 buildings (54 units). In 2021, we replaced 5 driveways using funds from the reserve account. In 2022, we are planning to replace another 5-6 driveways.

The reserve fund is like our Association’s 401K.  Funding it meets our responsibilities for the future. It preserves and increases the value of each of our homes. We can take great pride in our homes and know that, if we sell, we will receive the market value for them.

Reserve funds = homes well maintained with pride = higher market value.




Thanks to Jean Vitale for organizing the Library and Roger Benedict for building it.


Jan and Nancy volunteered to paint the street post sign this summer.



The IL Condominium Property Act, Springbrook Association Bylaws and Rules & Regulations serve as the foundation for our governance.  We encourage all current and prospective residents of Springbrook Condominiums to read these documents.  Updates are made periodically and are sent to Association residents.  In order to achieve our purpose stated above, it is expected that residents in our community will adhere to the Springbrook Homeowners’ Association Bylaws and Rules & Regulations.

There are 54 units in the Association and no rentals are allowed. All vehicles in garage at night.

    No cars in the driveway over night .     We are not-for-profit organization.

Revised: 09-08-2023