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Springbrook Homeowners' Association Information

This page provides answers to questions that new members have had in the past. Until you have time to review the By-laws or Rules and Regulations, this may help you with some immediate questions and concerns.
Monthly Dues
We do not send out monthly bills for the dues as this helps us save on postage. Payments are due by the first of each month.
We require you set up automatic payments with your bank as a recurring payment for your monthly dues. Then every month the bank will mail a check (no transfers into account allowed as they only show amounts, not the payee name) to our PO Box (above). The checks are not deposited until the 1st of the month. Please contact the Treasurer if you have any questions.

Refuse Storage and Removal
Refuse shall be placed in plastic bags supported in a proper container in the garage unit. Individual containers outside the unit are not permitted.
It is the unit owner’s responsibility to have the refuse container on the curb on the designated pickup day (Monday). Emptied containers are to be returned to the garage.
Unit owners must comply with city ordinances with respect to timing. The city ordinance states the earliest refuse may be taken to the curb is 4:00 PM on the day preceding pickup (Sunday), and returned no later than 11:00 PM on the day of pickup (Monday).
Plastic bags are not allowed as they draw animals and create a mess if broken.

All pets shall be under control, kept on leashes or properly caged. Pets are not to run loose on the property or be secured on decks or patios unattended. All pets will reside within their owner’s dwelling. No structure for the care, housing, or confinement of any animal shall be maintained outside of the residence including enclosed fencing.
Pet owners are responsible to clean up after their pets on all properties.
No more than two (2) 40 pound (max) domestic pets are allowed.
The Board reserves the right to approve all breeds

Personal Items
The property shall be kept clean of rubbish, debris and other unsightly materials.
No clothes, sheets, blankets or laundry of any kind may be hung out or exposed on the property.
Personal items such as bicycles, toys, furniture, trailers, clothing, campers and other articles shall not be stored on the property including driveways, streets and parking lots.

Holiday Lighting
Holiday lighting is acceptable provided installation does not permanently damage the structure.
All holiday lighting shall be removed within thirty (30) days of the holiday.

Garage doors shall be kept closed except when entering and leaving. Garage, driveways and parking spaces shall not be used for offensive or unsightly activities such as automobile repair.
Automobiles are to be parked in the garage. The regular parking of automobiles on the street or in the driveways will not be permitted without the written consent of the Board of Directors.

Winter Heat
All unit owners must maintain a minimum of 55 degrees whether the unit is occupied or vacant. Any damage resulting from non-compliance will be directly assessed to the unit owner.