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To Association Members: 

RE: Parking on Public Streets and in Driveways 

The City of Rockford has signs posted that there is no parking on streets in the Association. 

The Association’s Rules & Regulations and Bylaws also state that members cars are not be parked in driveways overnight. We understand that, if you have overnight guests they may need to park in a driveway for a few nights. 

This policy is in effect because: 

1. Guilford High School students were parking on the streets 

2. To make it easier for plowing both streets and driveways 

3. For the yard maintenance crews to access all areas 

4. For the esthetics of our Association (having all units look the same) 

The city does tow cars that are parked on the street. We don’t want our guests to have their vehicles towed. 


The Springbrook Homeowners’ Association 

Board of Directors