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To Association Members: 

Hello SHOA Neighbors!

In case you haven’t thought to do this recently , please check that your sump pump is in good

working order . First, check that the pump is still plugged in. Then fill a bucket with 3 or more

gallons of water and empty it into the sump pump well all at once. The pump should

immediately turn on, to pump out this water . ( It is not unusual for a couple of inches of water to

remain at the bottom after the pump shuts off.)

Even though the Association is not responsible for maintenance or replacement of these pumps,

we do want to make sure all residents have checked them to avoid water problems. If your

pump is not working, we recommend that you promptly notify the plumber of your choice.

A member of our committee will be glad to come and perform this test for any resident

with mobility issues. Y our safety is our first priority . Please call or text me using the

contact info listed below to schedule a visit. or 815-520-1881

If there are any residents who have already left Rockford for warmer weather , please have the

person who periodically checks your condo do this test for you.

Just a word of advice from my plumber . Sump pumps generally have a “life” of 7-10 years Do

you know how old yours is? Many plumbers encourage people to replace them after they have

been in place for the expected life, as a pump failure can do significantly more damage than the

cost of replacement.


Jean Vitale

Building Maintenance