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There are 54 units in the Association located in Northeast Rockford, Illinois 61114.

Springbrook Homeowners' Association
Responsibility Summary
August 21, 2017
The General Rule: The HOA is responsible for exterior. The homeowner is responsible for the interior
Failure of an HOA common element: HOA fixes the common element; the homeowner fixes any interior damage. Always contact the appropriate committee before making any alterations to the Association grounds, buildings, or anything attached to the building. The Board will not pay for any changes made without approval. Any changes made without Board approval may be changed back by the Board at the owner’s expense.

Owner’s Responsibility

Association Responsibility

All alarms and security systems, installation, maintenance and repair. Installation requires prior board approval.
No responsibility
Clothes Dryer Vents
Inside and outside dryer vent cleaning and maintenance.
No responsibility
Outside: No Responsibility
Inside: Chimney Sweep cleaning


Maintain, repair and replace as determined by the board

Keep clean and free of mold
Replace as determined by the Board


Maintain and repair as determined by the Board

Doors & Windows - Exterior
Storm doors and sliding glass doors, replacement doors must be Board approved: Maintain, repair and replace glass and frames. Owners must replace front doors and windows with Association and Board-approved doors and windows
Paint exterior doors and windows during regular paint schedule; paint outside lights according to paint schedule
Driveways, Walkways and Stoops
Keep free of Debris
Maintain, repair and replace as determined by the Board
All wiring from meter into residence and outdoor electrical panels. Replace lightbulbs as needed.
Maintain, repair and replace all light fixtures (replacing lightbulbs not included)
Interior damage as a result of common element failure
Repair basement footings as determined by the Board
Garage Doors
Repair, maintain and replace garage automatic door opener, and garage
door including springs, brackets, tracks, bolts, knobs, and locks
Paint overhead garage doors per paint schedule
Gutters and Downspouts
Examine the perimeter of the building periodically; report any problems to the Building Committee
Maintain, repair and replace as determined by the board. Spring and fall cleaning of all gutters and
downspouts as determined by the board
Heating and Air Conditioning
Purchase, maintain, repair and replace
No responsibility
Owner’s Responsibility Association Responsibility
Liability, building contents (personal property) and any extra coverage owner deems necessary. Example: Sewer backup and earthquake insurance
Liability insurance for common areas. Director's and Officer's coverage, employee theft. Fire, hail and windstorm insurance for buildings (not interior or contents)
Report any problems to the Landscape and Grounds Committee
NOTE: If the unit starts to leak, shut off the water to the irrigation system,
located in the basement.
Maintain, repair and replace system components as required. Maintenance includes spring startup, annual RPZ (backflow preventer) test and fall winterization
Keep yard free of animal waste. Intermittent weed removal from flower
Mowing, fertilizing, mulching and trimming of all shrubs, plants, flowers and trees in common areas.
Weeds: Once in the spring and once in the summer
No responsibility
Maintain, repair and replace as determined by the Board
All interior painting
If owner paints doors, paint must be an
Association-approved color
All exterior walls, trim, shutters, windows and doors per paint schedule
Pest Control
Interior and Exterior
No responsibility
No more than two (2) pets allowed, each under forty (40) pounds mature weight. Breed must be approved by the board. Must keep yard free of animal wast.
No responsibility

All faucets interior and exterior. Cleaning and repair of sewer line from
the residence to the main pipe outside the unit. All water lines from meter and
backflow device to residence and any other damage to landscape and hardscape caused by failure of any of the above.

No responsibility.
Radon Mitigation System
Obtain board approval and initial cost responsibility to meet applicable building codes
Option to hire inspector subsequent to installation. Maintain, repair and replace as approved by the Board
Interior repair and repainting of damage to interior and personal property
caused by failure of common element
Caulking, flashing and repair of all roof leaks. Installation of new and overlay roofs as determined by the Board.
Satellite Dish, Antenna and Deck
Repair, maintain and replace. Both exterior and interior damage caused by installation
No responsibility
Owner’s Responsibility Associations Responsibility
Snow Removal
Optional snow removal from decks
Snow removal and ice control of stoops, walkways, public sidewalks, and driveways. The use of ice control products as necessary. The Board may modify requirements based upon
season severity and cost exposure.

Rules, Regulations, and By-laws
All owners, family members and guests to comply


Review, modify and enforce.