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RainMaster Irrigation Inc. Rockford, Illinois

 For over 22 years RainMaster Irrigation has provided professionally designed and installed irrigation systems for both commercial and residential properties.  As a local family owned and operated business, RainMaster Irrigation was established in 1987 and has grown steadily to be the leader in sales and service in the greater Rockford area.  Our total commitment to water conservation, professional installation, warranty satisfaction, and courteous service is regionally unsurpassed.  In addition to the basic services provided by RainMaster, many options are available including seasonal maintenance programs, rain sensors, upgrades for water conservation, secondary water meter, incorporated fertilization systems, pressure boost pumps and much more.  An automatic irrigation system will keep your entire landscape lush and green while it saves time and conserves water.  A professionally installed and maintained system provides your lawn and landscape the right amount of water at the right time.  Automatically!
  RainMaster Irrigation also provides professional lawn maintenance, landscaping, paver or brick installations, retaining walls, and fertilization.  We also design and install drainage systems including catch basins, French drains and underground piping. We are committed to excellence.  When it is only good enough its not good enough!!